Public course

... is a place where you can spend a nice day in the middle of beautiful nature, even with the whole family.

If you are not yet a regular golfer but would like to try your hand at the sport, come and give it a shot on our public course.

This is a real golf course with shortened holes, intended for the general public. Golf Resort Olomouc’s 9-hole course is the perfect place to see what it’s like to play golf and to learn some of the game’s finer points. The par-3 course is open to everyone regardless of age. The only requirements are proper behaviour and safety. The public course is a place where you can spend a meaningful half-day in a lovely natural setting. All holes are well marked, as are the paths to the next tee.

Clubs, balls, golf carts and other equipment is available for rent at the GOLF RESORT OLOMOUC reception desk. If you are interested in golf, contact our staff at the reception desk with any queries you might have.

Length of public course (9 holes, par 27):
Men’s yellow tees - 2,248 m, women’s red tees - 2114 m

Great experiences!
Contact to the reception desk: +420 581 112 911