PRO trainers

Petr Kabát

Václav Raška

Our professionals are available to both beginners and advanced golfers.

You can reserve a lesson with a trainer by phone, at the reception desk or with the trainer.

Petr Kabát +420 604 150 675  

Václav Raška +420 737 608 843

Reception desk: 733 691 333, 581 112 911
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Getting started with golf

A sport that combines both physical and mental aspects, golf can be learned at almost any age. Come and try this interesting sport that anybody can play. You are welcome at our resort!

How to begin:
Our training facilities and public course are ideal for getting acquainted with golf.
All equipment is available for rent at the resort reception desk.
We recommend our Golf Academy for beginners.

Our starting packages will save you money.

Golf Academy

When beginning with the game, it is important to form the correct playing habits - to learn the basics of the rules of golf and etiquette, and the techniques for individual shots.

We recommend our Golf Academy, where you will receive the maximum attention from our fully qualified golf trainers (PGA C members). You will the learn the basics of this beautiful game so you can start working on your skills on your own.

Adult courses
Individual lessons
Package for beginners: 10 + 1 free lesson
Package for intermediate players: 10 + 1 free lesson
Play on course (course management)
Testing for HCP 54 (Green Card)

Children’s courses
Training of children under 18 takes place mainly at the Youth Training Centre of the GC Olomouc. More information is available from the GCO secretariat at 602 512 822 (L. Klapková).

The GCO organises summer day camps for children in the summer months (info from the club secretariat).


  50-min. lesson Lessons on course
1 - 2 persons CZK 800 CZK 1.600
3 - 5 persons CZK 1.000 CZK 2.000
Group lesson CZK 1.200 CZK 2.400

Preparation for the HCP 54 test (Green Card)

GRO members CZK 2.000
GRO non-members CZK 3.000

Lessons with monitoring equipment (FlightScope)

FlightScope is a radar measuring device that monitors the movement of the club and the ball. Its use is very wide.

We offer the following options:

  • Suitability test of current clubs

  •  Fitting new clubs

  • Compiling the ideal set of clubs (mainly with respect to optimising the distance between individual clubs)

  • Lessons are focussed on technique with the use of data from the device.

Lesson price: CZK 1.000
Great experiences!
Contact to the reception desk: +420 581 112 911